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Introduction to Loki the Loser

Preferred pronoun: He/him/his
If for any reason this account ever gets banned or whatever, you can find me over at Loky-Doky.
Steven J.L Barnes | Sixteen | Gay with one female exception (Tiffsexual) | Male | SherlockedFox :heart: | Author/Manga Artist
My name's Steven, but I also answer to either one of my middle names (James or Loki). I like pretty dresses and just about breaking my ankles wearing heels that go with said pretty dresses.
If you're lucky, maybe I'll show you guys my pretty dresses. But only if you don't judge a boy for loving his pretty dresses, because even if I'm a boy, I can still love beautiful dresses.
Also I'm a really shit boyfriend, so I'm surprised I ever actually have relationships.

(^Don't ask. I call myself Loki a lot and all my school friends say I'm the human female version of him.)

(Because I'm so normal when I haven't slept all night)


Alright, so I have a great deal of friends on here, so if I forget you, please don't eat me ; w ;"

:bulletblack: xBeyondTheGalaxies - Zoe here is one of the first close friends I made online, seeing as even as a 12 year old YouTuber I was still so awkward I hated socializing. She's a dear friend of mine and has offered me advice when I needed it most.

:bulletorange: SherlockedFox - Tiffany is another close friend, though not necessarily one of the earliest ones I made. She and I have our differences but at the end of the day, she's one of my best friends and as we all know, no industrious mogul can be without their royal best friend!

:bulletblack: XSkipperBirgissonX - Kiku I became friends with...I can't even remember how, but she's stuck by me when I thought she'd have abandoned me, and I'm really glad to have her as a friend.

:bulletblack: pepsimutt - Now, Kate is one of the first people I met and became friends with when I joined the online world, and even though we don't talk as much as we did back then, I still consider her one of the greatest people I've met.

:bulletorange: Hell0-D0rky - Emily is my dear little sister who lives over 3000 miles away from me. She's been there for me when I've needed it, and I've done the same for her many a time. We're the two strangest siblings ever to exist, and also I seem to always want to knock out people who hurt her, so don't hurt my sister unless you want Jotun to turn up at your door and knock you out with their metal baseball bat once they get it.

(I will continue to edit this when I feel I should, so don't think it's just going to stay this small uvu")

Art of my main OCs

The Traveller
Art-trade: L-O-V-E by Slendergirl2012 free sketches #1 by IokoThePanda

::PC - ArcherofSuomi:: by Spectral-Rainbow

Other Main OCs (Lustral, Dylan, Copper, etc.)
FR: archerofsuomi by angelicwish001 Art Trade with ArcherOfSuomi by MeriFren





Anybody want me to draw their ocs?

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 17, 2014, 7:22 AM
I literally have about a day and a bit left of my summer holidays, then it's back to school where I'm gonna work my ass off until I move to England! Why am I taking my schoolwork more seriously this year than I was last year? Because my parents and I have made a bargain- if I work as hard as I can in school this year, they might get me a bag that has a Stucky picture on it for Christmas! And if you know me well, you'll know I like Stucky a lot (it's my Marvel OTP, even overtaking FrostIron, so it's pretty much my favorite Marvel ship), so I'm really gonna be buckling down this year.
Anyway, now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'd like to go onto what this journal was actually written for. Since I'm buckling down this year and not messing around whilst drawing in class, I want to dedicate my holidays and time after homework/study/note-taking to drawing things. Mostly it'll be fanart and what have you, but inbetween that I'd like to draw things for others. So all I ask is that you link any number of human OCs of yours in the comments, and I'll get to them when I can. Please note that, yes, I do get a few holidays a year, but I'm a National 5 student for a lot of classes this year, and in a Higher English class too. That means I'll get assignments to do (well...I have 3 assignments for National 5 level that I know I have to do- I've done my Biology one already, so that's out of the way), and whatever a Higher English course entails as well. So a lot of my time will be consumed by schoolwork. But yeah, I will definitely get around to everyone at sometime or another.

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Marvelled Sketch [PONYSONA] by MaskyLoki-monOakvale
Marvelled Sketch [PONYSONA]
You have no idea how tempted I was to just use a base for him, but I didn't and I'm glad that's the case.

Anyway, Marvelled is my ponysona, since I identify as male, and also Toxic didn't really suit me as a ponysona, since she was nuclear and I'm highly against nukes of any kind. So yeah, I made Marvelled Sketch yesterday, and used I think two palettes for him? Though his body color was a different palette from his mane/tail and ties in his mane and tail, and his eye and scarf color were just colors on MS Paint.

"Relatively large, mostly bustling. Also sort of annoying."
Marvelled Sketch is the second child in a family of seven children, and his extended family ranges all over as well. He finds his siblings (3 brothers and 3 sisters) pretty annoying, and prefers to call three of his closest friends his brothers and sister.

Marvel (mainly Captain America/The Avengers); animals (dogs sort of unnerve him though); writing; reading; art; baking (though he pretty much burns a lot of the stuff he makes)

For the most part, Marvelled Sketch is really cynical, and won't speak much either. He's also relatively violent due to watching a large number of horror movies, and also because he was bullied a lot. Around friends, I suppose he's a little more open, but still really reserved because he's lost friends in the past for being himself.

Favorite color:
Pink, but he'll always say it's blue for whatever reason he has.

Also, his cutie mark is a Captain America shield, with a pen writing next to it. So yeah. He also likes to wear buttons pinned to his scarf.
NGA Girls (Including X-13) by MaskyLoki-monOakvale
NGA Girls (Including X-13)
(Oh my god this has been in my for a month, jfc.)

So since I'd said that I'd eventually have it that Soldier X-13 joined the NGA, so I did a picture to see what she'd look like alongside some of the other NGA girls (yup, this isn't all of them. It's never going to be all of them, since I keep adopting more and more girls for the NGA...I really need to start adopting boys for it, the poor boys are outnumbered severely), and here's the result.
Anyway, these girls actually unconsciously were drawn in order of where they came from; Amelia, Olivia, Rebecca and Freya were all created by me; Arikiri, Tiffany and Shannon were adopted from GormKittyAdopts; and Caitlin and Rosa were adopted from DenisAdopts. (A large majority of the NGA were actually adoptables to be honest, there's very few I made myself. The only NGA members I've actually created are the four girls I already said I created on here, Ryan, Destiny, Loki and around 4 or 5 others I'm yet to name. Everyone else in the NGA was adopted, so yeah. Q v Q") Also note that I didn't forget to give Rosa and Olivia shoes, they don't like to wear them, and I wasn't making an exception just so they were the same as the other NGA girls.

If you want the individual descriptions of each girl in here, here you go (since it would've been a massive description otherwise):
Amelia -
Olivia -
Rebecca -
Freya -
Arikiri -
Tiffany -
Shannon -
Caitlin -
Rosa -

It's Not Your Fault by MaskyLoki-monOakvale
It's Not Your Fault
(More copying and pasting facebook descriptions!)

So when I finished coloring this yesterday, I was pretty happy with it. Q w Q" I think the only thing that bugs me about this is that Frey's house (that little house on the lake that's in the background) didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to, but other than that I'm pretty proud of this.
Now, I explained on the sketch (which was uploaded to facebook and will never put on here because I hate it) what this was about, but basically Erika's lost two people very close to her already- her twin brother Stefan, and her best friend Franz- and blames herself for both of their deaths.
She blames herself for Franz's death since it was her powers that gave him the radiation sickness that killed him, but he knows that she didn't mean to, and that she was trying to protect them both from harm.
As for Stefan's death, she blames herself for not going with him to check something out. Stefan was the one who first found out about Jaxtii out of the Weiss household, not Erika. He'd gone to find out how to get there, and promised his family he'd be back shortly. When he still hadn't come home after two hours, the whole family was a wreck, until Erika got a phone call from what seemed like Stefan, but was in fact a police officer, who asked what her relation to Stefan was, and she explained that he was her twin brother. When she was asked to meet the police officer nearby, she knew something wasn't right, and was devastated when she arrived to find her brother lying on the ground struggling to breathe. It turned out that whilst walking to the place where he'd get the travelling details to Jaxtii, he'd been hit by a drunk driver, and was dying where he lay. His last words to Erika still haunt her 3 years later- "Жить для нас обоих. (Zhit' dlya nas oboikh.)" or "Live for both of us".
The two are still around her as spirits, but she can't see or hear either of them, but they still always tell her not to blame herself, and that it wasn't her fault they died.
(Essentially Erika's just literally the only TEOI OC I have besides Matthew and David who've lost someone close to them, and the only one of mine to lose a sibling. I'm not too nice to her..)

Kisekae Account

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 9, 2014, 10:33 PM
So I've been going onto Kisekae an awful lot lately, and I finally made an account where I can post the stuff I make and not completely bombard everyone's inboxes with it. If you're interested in watching the account, go ahead, I'm not all too fussed.


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My darling Winter Soldier's box~

:heart: SherlockedFox :heart:
So after a year of not being with the love of my life, I have her back, and I'm never letting her go again.
It hurt to see everyone put her through agony, but I never told her I hadn't lost the love I had for her, scared that she didn't feel the same way, until my once best friend hurt her very badly, and I'd had enough. I was making sure that didn't happen to her again, so I made it known that I still loved her, and when she asked me if we wanted to try again, I didn't hesitate saying yes.
Since then, she's read fanfictions to me over Xbox Live, we've sang, made weird screechy noises, meowed at each other, and generally just been complete idiots in love! She's the Bucky to my Steve, the Tony to my Bruce, the Faraday to my Reaver, the music in my life, and the one who holds my heart! I'm never letting her go again, because I'm not having her hurt again by somebody who doesn't understand what it means to take care of her.
Winter, I love you so much, and I'll never stop loving you for the rest of my life, because I'm with you till the end of the line! You literally mean the world to me, and you have since the day we met, and you will until the end of time. Like I said all the way back in 2012, I think we were destined to be together, but it just so happened that our characters managed to know that before we did.

Loki's Stamps

Panromantic Stamp by QunerdiMarvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86MARVEL Thor + Mjolnir Stamp by TwilightProwlerMarvel Comics Thor Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanMARVEL Thor Smiling Stamp by TwilightProwlerwinter soldier stamp by qbarkMARVEL Tony Stark Smile Stamp by TwilightProwlerMarvel Comics Iron Man Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanMarvel Comics Hawkeye Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanMarvel Comics Venom Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanLoki by CapsiclesMarvel Comics Carnage Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanThor Stamp - Loki smile by The-GreenGoblinFable II Stamp by MeganraFable 3 Sir Walter Beck by DrackeStalenTorgenStamp - Reaver Gaga by sallychanFable 3  Ben Finn by DrackeStalenTorgenReaver Surprise Stamp by foolishsunsetsTemple of Shadows +stamp+ by CheyenneRalphsPhotosOBEY by The-Shady-LadyWhyShouldIWorryWhyShouldICaaa-aaaaare by endlerSilent Hill Stamp by Hotaru-No-Mayowasudamned everyones by DametoraGender Roles by linawifeofLOverpopulation FTW by Its-An-InfernoStamp: I am an INFJ by JammerleeDancing Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwlerWriters Stamp by shadow-wolf-hauntsWriter Stamp by AkatsukiMemberWoolfySelf-Taught Writer by World-Hero21deviantART writers stamp by Frelly-Is-KellyFiction Writer on DA by Crimson-BreloomSupport reading stamp by DeviantSith

Loki's To-Do List

My to-do list
:star:I might take a while to do some of the things on here, but I try my best to only take forever on personal art ;w; If I owe you something and haven't gotten to it after a fortnight (2 weeks) of me saying I'll do it, feel free to give me a kick in the behind to get me on it. :star:

Things I owe other people
:bulletblack: Art trade part with Slendergirl2012 of these two: Are you okay Sargent (Ash X Sawyer) by Slendergirl2012
:bulletpurple: Traditional headshot of Rachel Ref by CompetitiveCody for CompetitiveCody
:bulletblack: Traditional headshot of :thumb428639984: for CompetitiveCody
:bulletpurple: Traditional headshot of :thumb428091218: for CompetitiveCody
:bulletblack: Traditional fullbody of for CompetitiveCody
:bulletpurple: Digital picture of and :thumb433985990: for CompetitiveCody

(I am perfectly aware I take on far too much considering I'm in an exam year in high school, but I honestly don't give a damn. I get Bs without revising at all, so therefore I've always got time to draw :stare:)

Personal Art
:bulletblue: Draw Capsule Adopt 47 by TazzyDragon (both of them because they shall be best friends (。◕‿◕。))
:bulletred: Draw Undead Beauty and her special somepony (Chipped Snowflake who belongs to CompetitiveCody)
:bulletblue: Draw all my babies from 10/11 years ago (Jamie, Aidan, Stripy, Abbie, Kiki) [Yeah, seriously, I have OCs from when I was 5)
:bulletred: Draw Writer's Choice and his special somepony (Maqsha Lounge who belongs to Chu)
:bulletblue: Draw Toxic Chaos and her special somepony (Cold Delight who belongs to GormKittyAdopts)

If I owe you something and it's not here, please remind me!

I like to ask this question every so often- which of my OCs are your favorite? 

3 deviants said Frey Daniels (TEOI Bio: Frey Daniels by MaskyLoki-monOakvale)
2 deviants said Erika Weiss (TEOI: Erika Weiss Bio by MaskyLoki-monOakvale)
2 deviants said Kinasha Braiden (Hybrid Bio: Kinasha Braiden by MaskyLoki-monOakvale)
2 deviants said James *still debating surname* (James Ref by MaskyLoki-monOakvale)
1 deviant said Frigga "Freya" Stark (Wearing Dad's Clothes - Freya by MaskyLoki-monOakvale)
1 deviant said Other? (if so, comment who.)
No deviants said Arikiri Lunara (Arikiri reference by MaskyLoki-monOakvale)
No deviants said Logan Hatch (Logan\'s various outfits by MaskyLoki-monOakvale)


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Fake Game Screenshot
Fake Game Screenshot: Meeting Freya again by MaskyLoki-monOakvale
Fake Game Screenshot: Arikiri's Gift by MaskyLoki-monOakvale
Essentially in the commission information you'd tell me the character, where you'd like them to be, what they're saying, then 3-6 dialogue choices. More than one character will mean an extra 5 points added for each additional character added.
Digital shaded commission
Reynolds AKA the Vault Cuckoo by MaskyLoki-monOakvale
2P!Hyvinkaa by MaskyLoki-monOakvale
Dylan in Sikent Hill by MaskyLoki-monOakvale
Private School AU Ritsuka by MaskyLoki-monOakvale
Examples of what the outcome could be are above ^ v ^
Shaded semi-realistic commission
More Ritsuka by MaskyLoki-monOakvale
Ritsuka by MaskyLoki-monOakvale

A5 Anime drawing- Full page (Hand-drawn and will be colored upon request)
Matthew 'Buzzard' Galante- Drawing 2 by MaskyLoki-monOakvale
Shi 'Psycho' Mion by MaskyLoki-monOakvale
Matthew 'Buzzard' Galante by MaskyLoki-monOakvale
Your commission will look somewhat like this, but if you prefer, I will color it for you free of charge~


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